The End

Hi assalamualaikum 😊 marks the end of my pupillage. Well, I actually ended on the 14th of December, but I decided to stay till the end of the month. Just for the sake to complete all my chambering papers. Idk how to feel about this. Sad? Yes, because I'm leaving this place which holds … Continue reading The End


TMS Roadtrip 2.0!

Hi, assalamualaikum! Finally an update, huh? Been so busy with work and I'm so lazy to type long sentences hahaha. But this, is an exception to my laziness :p So here goes TMS Roadtrip 2.0! The most YOLO trip ever! Wednesday, 30th August 2017 Work as usual. I still have cases in the morning. Back … Continue reading TMS Roadtrip 2.0!