Week 1 of Unofficial Pupillage


I’ve unofficially started my pupillage last Monday. Hmm, lets just say this is like a probationary period before I actually commence the 9-months pupillage. I can’t start yet because I’ve yet to receive my exam result due mid-Feb. On top of that, I have to wait for UiTM to release the’release letter’ acknowledging that we’ve completed our studies. So… it’s kinda a waiting period for me now.

Though I haven’t really start, I’ve been exposed to the job fairly well. I’d have to say that I’ve gotten my share of works not in an orderly manner. The firm’s doing civil litigation focusing mainly on banking (bankruptcy and debt recovery) and also conveyancing. But I’ve been placed in the litigation department. I’ve learnt the bankruptcy procedure theoretically and we’ve done one simulation file. However, my share of work is all over the place and I personally feel like the order is so messed up. Well thank God I remembered the procedures pretty well.

My colleagues are kinda okay I guess, though they don’t really talk to me. Not that I wanted too. I have no time for forced conversations. Unless it’s necessary, I won’t talk to them. And I hate people who bad mouth others. So yeah. I’ll just do my job quietly on my own. But I’d have to make this remark: I HATE the environment there. Like seriously. I mean, what the hell with the negative vibes all day? I AM SO SUFFOCATED I ACTUALLY LOOK FORWARD TO GO HOME. No kidding.

It’s not like I want to quit as early as one week, but danggg the environment really suffocates me to the max. If it wasn’t for the boss who said this to me, I would’ve probably left the office by now. How can you reject when the boss himself tells you this, “Get your papers ready even if the results aren’t out yet. Get your shortcall ASAP so you can go to the court.”

Boss, I am really doing this for you and myself. I’ve only set my eyes on joining the service after I completed this pupillage. I’ve also decided that I would rather choose criminal litigation rather than civil. Period. Please let this 9 months pass quickly, amin!


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