Morning Squad’s Roadtrip!


Hi everyone! 👋

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve made plans for post-exam celebration. The plans includes a sleepover at Sarah’s house and a roadtrip. Yeay!!!

The plan for the roadtrip was made 2 weeks prior to the trip itself and it was only finalised the day before the trip took place hahah. As per Sarah’s request, we’ve chosen Bukit Tinggi, Pahang as our destination. Sarah really wanted to go there and since it’s quite near, might as well fulfill her request. Yeah, among us three, she’s like our mummy actually hihihi.

So, on 12th January 2017, the Morning Squad had their first roadtrip! Yeay! *which is somehow my first roadtrip with friends too!* We made our move around 11 am and reached our destination by 12 pm. Since Wangsa Maju is already near Gombak, it doesn’t really take that long to reach the highway. It took Sarah by surprise and she’s kinda dumbfounded because she was expecting a longer ride. Haha sorry to burst your bubble baby girl, but it really isn’t that far.

All the way to Bukit Tinggi I became their tour guide because well, to be honest, that is the usual road I use to go back to my hometown 😅 So it’s only natural I knew whatever was there and I can show them around. It’s sooo nice to see them so happy and enjoying the trip. We sang along to the songs in the car and joked around.

As mentioned, we arrived at 12 pm. Although it’s actually noon, it wasn’t really hot up there and it’s still breezy and cool as if it’s still morning.

The video Sarah took when we first arrived. Can you hear how excited she is? 😂

It’s not really a big place so we kinda walk around and sight-see the place. It’s a nice place, just need proper maintenance. 



Sarah and I



They have swans too!

That is among the views of the place. Something funny happened during this time 😂 Sam was soo excited upon seeing the swans and was literally pulling Sarah and I to see them. Thing is, she’s scared of the swans because she said they’re BIG! Hahaha Sarah and I are literally laughing our ass off when we saw her running away from the swans. But she still wanted a picture with the swans 😅

Hahaha Sarah tried her hardest to coax Sam to come nearer but nahhhhh. Sam being Sam, she’d stay as far as possible!




Kesayangan! ❤



Since it’s not really a big place, we head on to the next attraction, the Japanese Village. It is not located in Colmar Tropicale, so you kimda need to drive your car there or you could wait for the shuttle bus provided. We’re too lazy to wait so we took the car there. Probably 5 minutes away?

It’s actually located uphill, so be prepared to walk! Hahaha! It won’t take long, just that it’s a lil bit steep. But you’ll do just fine! We didn’t take any pictures at the entrance, so we only had pictures at the ‘village’ itself.


There’s also a Botanical Garden there. We went there just to take a breather so, no pictures. It somehow became an academic trip learning about plants, animals and places 😂

Since it’s still early to go back to KL, we detoured to Bentong instead because Sarah wanted to know how a Felda looked like so I took her to Lurah Bilut which is the nearest Felda and the first Felda in Malaysia. We had our lunch in Bentong and head back to KL.

It was an enjoyable trip and both of them are so cooperative and fun to be with. Sarah disapproves of my driving (hehe I sometimes let go of the steering wheel) but she did not make any further comments later on because we arrived home safe and sound.

Thank you baby girls, for making this trip a fun and enjoyable trip!


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