How I end my Final Exam

Assalamualaikum 🙂

Finally I had the chance to update this blog! LLB really took all the time I had. Not even a second to spare 😥 So..on the 11th of January 2017, I finally end my final exams for the final semester ever. The last paper being Civil Procedure 2.

But wow! I had my own way to celebrate the final paper ever! Not what I’ve imagined, it totally took me by surprise hahaha.

The story goes like this. On that morning, I was supposed to pick Sarah up from college. I stopped by the petrol station to buy some breakfasts for us. On my way to UiTM (which is 2 minutes away!), I heard some noises coming from my car. I thought it was the engine, but no indicator lighted up at the dashboard. I quickly drove to Melati and stopped by the roadside.

Surprise surprise! I had a flat tyre! Like really flat! Dumbfounded for a moment. Sarah arrived and I told her what happened. So, instead of me driving Sarah to the exam hall, we had to switch cars and Sarah’s the one driving me 🚙 Lucky us because Sarah had her car at the college! Once we arrived at the hall, we asked in the Whatsapp group whoever could help us to change the tyre. Luckily Izzat came to the rescue!

After exam, we had our lunch with few of the classmates and Izzat offered to send me back to Melati’s parking lot to help me change the tyre. Honestly, I don’t know what would I do if Izzat did not offer to help because I already made plans to have a sleepover at Sarah’s house and a trip to Bukit Tinggi. So, I helped Izzat to change my tyre and to my surprise (I thought it’s just a normal flat tyre), the tyre’s completely torn. *jawdrop*

Look at that! Completely torn!

I called my dad andddd I had to send the car to the workshop in Taman Melawati, Sarah being the one to show the way as we’re headed to her home after that. But somehow I lost her along the way, so I had to survive in my own. Pffft. 😒 It’s a good thing I had my GPS on so I was able to find my way. After all the things that happened, we’re safely arrived at Sarah’s house for the sleepover.

Wow! What a way to end your law degree!

Ohhh by the way, while everyone’s fussing about where to have lunch, I took the opportunity to take a picture with my most respectable lecturer, Datin Paduka Saudah Sulaiman hehehe 😁 She’s a perfectionist and that’s why I still am proud until today that she praised my assignment as perfect! Woohoo!

The ever elegant Datin Saudah ğŸ’ž

Okayyyy see you in the next post!


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