Final Chapter

Hello, assalamualaikum 🙂

Forgive me for abandoning this blog. I have tendencies for that :p I even stopped halfway in my travelogue because I’m just too busy. Too many things to focus on to. Studies, family, relationships etc.

So… final chapter huh? I’m almost done with law school and currently in the final semester of LLB. Since it has only been a week, I can’t say how it’s going to be. Probably busier than usual despite the super-free timetable :/ There’re already tonnes of work although it’s only the first week. So unfair!

 Previous semester went well. I scored flying colours for my Criminal Trial and Advocacy. Woohooo! Congrats to myself! *pats myself at the back* Well, this actually left me wondering, what do i really want to be in the future? A lawyer? Counsel? Public Prosecutor? Magistrate? Judge? Own a firm? There’s just so many possibilities but I still can’t set my mind straight. To be honest, I do have this dream to work with the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) but I don’t think I’m qualified enough. I love criminal law, no doubt but the trials are messy especially if you’re the defence counsel. Lucky me I’ve been given the chance to be a DPP during my mock trial.

However, whenever anyone asks me what is my future plan, I would always answer I wanted to open up my own firm. Not because of the name and wealth that comes with it, but I feel some sort of satisfaction having my own company (and yet I failed to volunteer myself to be a senior partner during LLB -.-‘). 

Hmm.. for the time being, let’s just finish off LLB and think about the future later. We don’t know how the future’s gonna be but we can pray it’s for our own good.

Here’s some of the trial pictures 😀

Amir Syafiq & Partners

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