Japan Trip : Day 3

Hello! I’m continuing my travelogue on the 3rd day of travelling to Tokyo, Japan.

February 3, 2016

We started off early today, err.. by that I mean earlier than yesterday hehe. Since Zaf has forgotten how to turn on the heater, it’s my job to ask Kak Elly so early in the morning. Thankfully she’s awake when I intended to ask. Phewww.

Our destination today is Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku. We set off around 9 am, heading to the train station as usual. I still can’t get used to the morning cold, despite wearing 3 layers of clothes. It would take some time, I guess.

The first destination is Shinjuku! We planned to visit the famous Shinjuku Gyoen Mae or the Shinjuku Park. It’s a big park within the city and famously known for the beautiful landscape. We’re hoping to see more cherry blossom trees blooming in this park as our encounter yesterday was during sunset, so we can’t really see the prettiness of the tree. This time around we get off at Shinjuku Station and headed to the nearest exit to the Gyoen. As usual, since the train station is our ONLY source of internet, we had to stop for a while to Google the direction. I don’t know why, but it seems like today is exceptionally cold and the wind were strong too. Or was it because it’s still morning? The weather forecast stated that today’s temperature is 6° C. Hmm, no wonder it’s chilly.

On our way to the Gyoen, we stopped by Tully’s Coffee for hot cup of coffee to warm ourselves up. Umm, actually we only wanted the Wi-Fi to settle some things back home hehe. We ordered Honey Milk Latte which tasted like the best, nicest, yummiest, superb cup of latte in the world. I can still imagine the taste of it while writing this. Anyone knows if Malaysia’s coffee shops has this drink to? It was soooo nice! It has the sweet taste of honey, perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the milk coffee. A taste out of this world, I would say. We should’ve bought it in venti instead of grande! Okay sorry, enough of the latte. We continue our journey to the Gyoen which is located 20m from the coffee shop.

The entrance fee is 200¥ for adults. Upon entering, we were greeted by the vast landscape of greenish yellowish grass. It is end winter, transition time from winter to spring. Some trees have ‘came back to life’, with full glory of greens on its leaves. Most are still ‘dead’ with no leaves at all. We followed the Japanese Garden path and… another surprise for us! This time, we found a yellow cherry blossom tree. We took so many pictures with tree and because it’s sunny, the pictures turned out real nice! I think we spent 15 minutes admiring the tree. Hehe. Ohh! The trees smell good to. The smell of flowers.

Had enough of cherry blossom, we proceed further into the park. It’s a really big park with pretty and nice Zen landscape. I’ve already had dreams to have a Zen garden when I have my own house. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? As we go further, we found more blooming sakura trees, full of pink flower buds. Awhh, it would be real nice to see the park in spring especially the full bloomed sakura flowers. Hmm, I guess we can’t have all we want.

Beautiful beyond words
I can stare at this forever


At the centre of the park, there is one huge lake and surrounding the lake was all traditional Japanese gardens decorative. Surrounded by greenery, all you can feel is tranquillity and peace. We found more blooming cherry blossom trees inside the park. Uhh, I guess it’s better if you enjoy the pictures of the beautiful, picturesque, breathtaking park. No, I’m not exaggerating. Nothing but the truth. One more thing, DO NOT get tricked by the sunlight. It’s actually chilly, with strong winds.

We then headed to Shibuya after getting enough of sakura flowers. Shibuya is famous for it’s Shibuya Crossing, the busiest crossing in the world. We took a train and get off at Shibuya Station. The station is huge, I tell you! There are so many entrances and exits, walkways, ramps and stairs! *nyaris sesat la nak cari exit tu* We finally found the exit that leads us directly to the famous crossing.

Upon stepping out of the station, I literally stopped in the midway, dumbfounded by the noise and vibrancy and the amount of people there. Too many people, too many crossings, too many vehicles, err.. let’s just say there are too many things here haha. Just across the exit was the famous SHIBUYA CROSSING. I did say famous, right? *smirk* As expected and been told by everyone, yes, the crossing is indeed busy and full with people in every direction. The best place to view the crossing is via Starbucks’s second floor or the mall near the station.

Among other attractions in Shibuya is the Hachiko Statue, located just outside the station, opposite the TIC. Hachiko is actually a dog but he was remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued even after his owner’s death.

Here in Shibuya, we also went to the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center. In simple words, a mosque. Every inch of the mosque were decorated with Turkish elements, from the dome to the floors. A beautiful beyond words mosque. This mosque is located in Yoyogi-Uehara, so we took a shuttle bus with 25-30 minutes journey time. The fare is only 100¥ and can be paid using Pasmo. We took the same shuttle bus to head back to Shibuya Station.

Since it’s already past 3 pm, we intend to look for Halal foods around Shibuya. We tried to ask at the TIC but again, we’re misheard. Our accent is that bad, eh? I mean really, we said Halal food but the lady heard Harajuku. Haihhh. Since she already explained so much, we proceeded to Harajuku by train. No more energy left to walk haha. It’s not that far, so the ride only took several minutes.

Right across the exit of Harajuku Station is the Takeshita Dori, entrance to the fashion world of Harajuku. True enough, the lines of shops were filled with clothes shop with all sorts of fashion. Due to tight budget, I had to keep to myself the intention buy anything for my brother and sister. We ate at a kebab stall in one of the building in Takeshita Dori. Unfortunately, we arrived at the wrong time. There’s a boy band performing at the food court and it’s too loud to eat comfortably.

We then continue our journey to seek the Big Bang cafe which is said to be located near Takeshita Dori. We even walked all the way up until the Meiji Jingu Station, but the cafe is nowhere to be seen. The landmark says Tokyu Plaza, but all we see are just high-end shops. Disappointed, we just head back home. Furthermore, Zaf is not feeling well and she needed rest.

By 8 pm, we arrived home and settled down. I guess our trip today was rather short as we arrived home early.

*there’s a whole lot of pics not uploaded in this post. I’ll make sure to edit this soon. I drafted this post like 5 months ago hehe sorry!*


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