Final Chapter

Hello, assalamualaikum🙂

Forgive me for abandoning this blog. I have tendencies for that :p I even stopped halfway in my travelogue because I’m just too busy. Too many things to focus on to. Studies, family, relationships etc.

So… final chapter huh? I’m almost done with law school and currently in the final semester of LLB. Since it has only been a week, I can’t say how it’s going to be. Probably busier than usual despite the super-free timetable:/ There’re already tonnes of work although it’s only the first week. So unfair!

 Previous semester went well. I scored flying colours for my Criminal Trial and Advocacy. Woohooo! Congrats to myself! *pats myself at the back* Well, this actually left me wondering, what do i really want to be in the future? A lawyer? Counsel? Public Prosecutor? Magistrate? Judge? Own a firm? There’s just so many possibilities but I still can’t set my mind straight. To be honest, I do have this dream to work with the Attorney General Chambers (AGC) but I don’t think I’m qualified enough. I love criminal law, no doubt but the trials are messy especially if you’re the defence counsel. Lucky me I’ve been given the chance to be a DPP during my mock trial.

However, whenever anyone asks me what is my future plan, I would always answer I wanted to open up my own firm. Not because of the name and wealth that comes with it, but I feel some sort of satisfaction having my own company (and yet I failed to volunteer myself to be a senior partner during LLB -.-‘). 

Hmm.. for the time being, let’s just finish off LLB and think about the future later. We don’t know how the future’s gonna be but we can pray it’s for our own good.

Here’s some of the trial pictures😀


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Japan Trip : Day 3

Hello! I’m continuing my travelogue on the 3rd day of travelling to Tokyo, Japan.

February 3, 2016

We started off early today, err.. by that I mean earlier than yesterday hehe. Since Zaf has forgotten how to turn on the heater, it’s my job to ask Kak Elly so early in the morning. Thankfully she’s awake when I intended to ask. Phewww.

Our destination today is Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku. We set off around 9 am, heading to the train station as usual. I still can’t get used to the morning cold, despite wearing 3 layers of clothes. It would take some time, I guess.

The first destination is Shinjuku! We planned to visit the famous Shinjuku Gyoen Mae or the Shinjuku Park. It’s a big park within the city and famously known for the beautiful landscape. We’re hoping to see more cherry blossom trees blooming in this park as our encounter yesterday was during sunset, so we can’t really see the prettiness of the tree. This time around we get off at Shinjuku Station and headed to the nearest exit to the Gyoen. As usual, since the train station is our ONLY source of internet, we had to stop for a while to Google the direction. I don’t know why, but it seems like today is exceptionally cold and the wind were strong too. Or was it because it’s still morning? The weather forecast stated that today’s temperature is 6° C. Hmm, no wonder it’s chilly.

On our way to the Gyoen, we stopped by Tully’s Coffee for hot cup of coffee to warm ourselves up. Umm, actually we only wanted the Wi-Fi to settle some things back home hehe. We ordered Honey Milk Latte which tasted like the best, nicest, yummiest, superb cup of latte in the world. I can still imagine the taste of it while writing this. Anyone knows if Malaysia’s coffee shops has this drink to? It was soooo nice! It has the sweet taste of honey, perfectly balanced with the bitterness of the milk coffee. A taste out of this world, I would say. We should’ve bought it in venti instead of grande! Okay sorry, enough of the latte. We continue our journey to the Gyoen which is located 20m from the coffee shop.

The entrance fee is 200¥ for adults. Upon entering, we were greeted by the vast landscape of greenish yellowish grass. It is end winter, transition time from winter to spring. Some trees have ‘came back to life’, with full glory of greens on its leaves. Most are still ‘dead’ with no leaves at all. We followed the Japanese Garden path and… another surprise for us! This time, we found a yellow cherry blossom tree. We took so many pictures with tree and because it’s sunny, the pictures turned out real nice! I think we spent 15 minutes admiring the tree. Hehe. Ohh! The trees smell good to. The smell of flowers.

Had enough of cherry blossom, we proceed further into the park. It’s a really big park with pretty and nice Zen landscape. I’ve already had dreams to have a Zen garden when I have my own house. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? As we go further, we found more blooming sakura trees, full of pink flower buds. Awhh, it would be real nice to see the park in spring especially the full bloomed sakura flowers. Hmm, I guess we can’t have all we want.


Beautiful beyond words


I can stare at this forever


At the centre of the park, there is one huge lake and surrounding the lake was all traditional Japanese gardens decorative. Surrounded by greenery, all you can feel is tranquillity and peace. We found more blooming cherry blossom trees inside the park. Uhh, I guess it’s better if you enjoy the pictures of the beautiful, picturesque, breathtaking park. No, I’m not exaggerating. Nothing but the truth. One more thing, DO NOT get tricked by the sunlight. It’s actually chilly, with strong winds.

We then headed to Shibuya after getting enough of sakura flowers. Shibuya is famous for it’s Shibuya Crossing, the busiest crossing in the world. We took a train and get off at Shibuya Station. The station is huge, I tell you! There are so many entrances and exits, walkways, ramps and stairs! *nyaris sesat la nak cari exit tu* We finally found the exit that leads us directly to the famous crossing.

Upon stepping out of the station, I literally stopped in the midway, dumbfounded by the noise and vibrancy and the amount of people there. Too many people, too many crossings, too many vehicles, err.. let’s just say there are too many things here haha. Just across the exit was the famous SHIBUYA CROSSING. I did say famous, right? *smirk* As expected and been told by everyone, yes, the crossing is indeed busy and full with people in every direction. The best place to view the crossing is via Starbucks’s second floor or the mall near the station.

Among other attractions in Shibuya is the Hachiko Statue, located just outside the station, opposite the TIC. Hachiko is actually a dog but he was remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner which continued even after his owner’s death.

Here in Shibuya, we also went to the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center. In simple words, a mosque. Every inch of the mosque were decorated with Turkish elements, from the dome to the floors. A beautiful beyond words mosque. This mosque is located in Yoyogi-Uehara, so we took a shuttle bus with 25-30 minutes journey time. The fare is only 100¥ and can be paid using Pasmo. We took the same shuttle bus to head back to Shibuya Station.

Since it’s already past 3 pm, we intend to look for Halal foods around Shibuya. We tried to ask at the TIC but again, we’re misheard. Our accent is that bad, eh? I mean really, we said Halal food but the lady heard Harajuku. Haihhh. Since she already explained so much, we proceeded to Harajuku by train. No more energy left to walk haha. It’s not that far, so the ride only took several minutes.

Right across the exit of Harajuku Station is the Takeshita Dori, entrance to the fashion world of Harajuku. True enough, the lines of shops were filled with clothes shop with all sorts of fashion. Due to tight budget, I had to keep to myself the intention buy anything for my brother and sister. We ate at a kebab stall in one of the building in Takeshita Dori. Unfortunately, we arrived at the wrong time. There’s a boy band performing at the food court and it’s too loud to eat comfortably.

We then continue our journey to seek the Big Bang cafe which is said to be located near Takeshita Dori. We even walked all the way up until the Meiji Jingu Station, but the cafe is nowhere to be seen. The landmark says Tokyu Plaza, but all we see are just high-end shops. Disappointed, we just head back home. Furthermore, Zaf is not feeling well and she needed rest.

By 8 pm, we arrived home and settled down. I guess our trip today was rather short as we arrived home early.

*there’s a whole lot of pics not uploaded in this post. I’ll make sure to edit this soon. I drafted this post like 5 months ago hehe sorry!*

Japan Trip: Day 2

Hello again! Been waiting for this, huh? First thing first, do excuse me for the mixed language. I intend to let the readers feel the excitement, but I guess it failed hahah. Not good enough in writing, huh? Lets just put that aside and continue, shall we?😀

FEBRUARY 2, 2016

The real adventure begins today! So does the biggest struggle ever: dealing with freezing water. Seriously, waking up at 6 am for Subuh and taking ablution with freezing water is no joke, man! Brrrr! We planned for an early start today, but it did not happen. That is because it’s still too early to wake up (it’s 5 am in Malaysia, duhhh!) and it’s too cold. Actually no, that’s not the real reason hahaha. We were wide awake by 7 am, but the thing is, we DON’T KNOW how to turn on the heater in the bathroom and we did not want to wake Kak Elly up because it’s still too early. So we just fidget in the room, staring at the walls, fall back asleep for awhile until we decided that we had to get ready because it’s already 9 am. We’re waaaaay behind the schedule! So, it’s Zaf’s job to wake her up while I err… tidy up the room, not? Kak Elly taught Zaf how to turn up the heater, so she has the privilege to take a shower first. By 10.30 am, we’re set to go!

It’s already sunny outside and it looked so warm and nice, until you get out of the house. My first reaction was, “Weh sejuk gila! Kuatnya anginnnnn!” Yeap, soooo unattractive for a girl, in the morning. Our plan for today is Asakusa, Ueno and Akihabara. Lets get moving!!!

I did say that we travel like the locals, right? So, we head to the train station (Kanamachi station) to get to Asakusa. We’ll have to change train lines as there is no direct trains to Asakusa. Seriously guys, if you plan to explore Tokyo by train/metro/subway, please do your homework on the train lines and stations. Or else, you’ll get lost on the way.

Don’t get tricked by the sunlight. The temperature was around 8° – 9° C this time. This is the view of Kanamachi little town. I don’t even know what am I focusing in these pictures, sorry. Ohh, see those bars? The railways as mentioned in previous post was behind it haha.

So, after some train rides, we finally arrived at Asakusa station. Our first destination? The famous Sensoji Temple. We don’t really know where it’s located, but thankfully most trains stations have Wi-Fi so we’re able to Google Mapped the place. (Actually, that is our only source of Internet connection throughout the trip. Heh. Pity us.) Well, it was actually located across Asakusa Station hahaha! To Sensoji Temple we go!

The temple is not exactly at the main road, it’s further behind but you can see the landmark of it from the roadside. You won’t miss it. When we arrived, the place is already full of people, even with students. To get to the temple, you’ll have to go through Nakamise Street. Nakamise Street is the place that sells souvenirs, all sorts of it including food! It’s still too early to buy souvenirs so we just pass by the street. Again, it’s full of people and it’s so hard to get a decent picture because there’s always people passing by in front of us! We’ll have to make do with whatever we can. Sigh. Another reason is both of us are carrying big cameras and it’s inconvenient for us to exchange cameras in the middle of the street just to take each other’s pictures.


Ni la entrance Sensoji Temple. Hah, nampak tak besar mana camera tu? Kan jenuh nak tukar-tukar. #tudungonpoint


Sensoji Temple. Ehh belum sampai lagi. Belakang tu haa!


Nampak tak ramai cemana? Mmg tidak lah nak tukar kamera. Huhu gambar kat kamera Zaf.

We planned on renting kimonos here, but it’s too expensive! 3000¥ per rental. That is beyond our budget. Sadly we had to ‘ditch’ our plan on renting a kimono.😥 We reached Asakusa around 11.30 am and it’s almost Zuhur already. We quickly Googled the nearest mosque (there is one in Asakusa) and head to seek for the mosque. It’s faaaaaaaar from the bustling city centre, I think it’s around 15-20 minutes walk. Know what? When we reached the mosque, it’s closed. LOCKED. There are several Malaysian travellers outside the mosque and they told us they too have been waiting for the mosque to open, but unfortunately no. If you imagine the mosque to be like OUR mosque here in Malaysia, no, it’s not the same. It’s a building converted into a mosque. Haihhhh, all those walk for nothing, man! We can’t even be mad about it. Speechless to the max! It’s almost Asar, so we have to find a solution ASAP. We then decided to head back to the city centre and maybe just pray anywhere that is suitable.

Luckily we brought along our water bottles, so we used that for ablution. Guess where we prayed? At a parking lot! Hahaha the parking lot is quite isolated, so we feel kinda safe to pray there without anyone lurking. *sila bersyukur Malaysia banyak surau, tu pun ada yang malas nak solat lagi!* Done praying, we head back to Sensoji Temple.

This time around, we dared ourselves to enter the temple. Zaf even made a funny remark, “Aku harap tak mati iman la lepas masuk temple ni.” Hahahahahaha! Weh, kita baruuuu lepas solat, nak mati iman ape bendanya! Here at the temple, you get to see the ritual of throwing coins, something about ‘holy smoke’ and also writing your prayers and hang it up. Noooo, we did nothing of this. Only watching hehehe.

We then head to Sumida Park, not too far from the temple. It’s not really a big park, just a small park facing the river. Across the river is the famous Tokyo Skytree and a building with a weird shape on the roof (if I’m not mistaken, it’s the Asahi building, a famous beer company in Japan) or what Zaf called as “bangunan tahi”. Hahaha, this girl never fails to crack me up! We took some pictures and then head to Ueno.

To get to Ueno, we’ll have to use the train again and get off at Ueno Station. It’s already 3 pm and both of us are hungryyyyy. Again, thanks to the free Wi-Fi at the station, we searched for halal food and found few halal food stalls. We chose a stall named Chicken Man that sells chicken rice. Heyy, even Fizo Omar went to this stall, okay! This stall is located near Ameyoko Building, just across the Ueno station. 500¥ for one person, not bad lah. We even met several Malaysian students there. They suggested to us one good takoyaki place. Hehehe, this is what we wanted! Come on, obviously you want to try local food! I mean, takkan la pergi Jepun asyik makan kebab je? Seriously?

And so, despite having chicken rice for lunch (and dinner, it’s almost dark already), we head to the takoyaki stall, yeay! 350¥ for 8 big takoyakis!!! Sooo worth it! But I’m still full from the rice, so I only ate 3 balls. Yeap, you got it right. Zaf ate the other 5 balls. I tell you, the takoyaki tasted so good that we had a second thought to buy another round. Luckily the line has gotten longer, or else we’ve bought more hahaha. We then head to Ueno Park with a happy tummy!

Ueno Park was just across the station, but you’ll have to climb a small hill to reach the park. Because it’s still winter, by 4.30 pm the sky has gotten dark. We didn’t make it to Ueno Zoo, because we didn’t exactly went around the whole park. It’s almost dark and cold. We just took a quick walk around and hey! A surprise for us! At the park! We found the cherry blossom tree!!!! It’s still blooming, no flowers but the flower buds are there. It was beautiful! There’s only one tree that blooms. So excited! The first cherry blossom tree in my life haha so cheesy! Too bad the pictures doesn’t turn out good due to bad lighting. Aishh, what use of a big camera if you can’t even find the right setting for night photography!



Since it’s already Maghrib, we seek for the mosque’s direction by using Google Map. Again, the mosque is located in between buildings and we had to walk through small alleys just to get there. By the time we reached the mosque, it’s almost Isya’, in 10 more minutes. The mosque was decent, and we took some time to rest after walking all day. Managed to get Wi-Fi and made a quick update to the family.


Ni la masjidnya!

Since it’s already dark, we thought of heading back to Kanamachi and cancel the plan to Akihabara. But it’s only 5 pm! Or 4 pm, Malaysian time. After much consideration, we decided to just give it a go. It’s not that far from Ueno, so we just walked all the way there. There’s still a lot of people on the road, probably just getting off from work. How did we get there by walking? Google Map to the rescue! It’s not easy to walk in the cold wind, serious talk. It has become my mantra saying this all day long, “sejuknyaaa. sejuknyaaa.” Hahahaha sorry for being too Malaysian who are used to hot weather all year long!

Finally, we reached Akihabara, the famous electrical and gadget town! Woohooo!!! The city is still bustling with people and cars. At first we only managed to reach Akihabara Station (every train station has several entrances, mind that) and were confused as to where the big big big buildings are. After walking through several alleys, we finally found it!!! Seriously in awe. The buildings are tall and covered in neon light. Noisy with music too. So many people walking here and there and you’re just standing there admiring the view. *drop jaw moment alert!* For those who loves anime/manga, this is the prefect place for you. Also if you happen to love gadgets. Both of us wasn’t really a fan of animes or mangas, but we went here for the sake of seeing one of the busiest city in Japan. Ohhh, there’s a whole lot of maid cafes here too. Hehehe, with super sexy pictures on billboards. Zaf, jangan pandang lelama signboard tu. Kurang pahala kau karang.” – Me Ehh sengal lah kau ni. Taknak pun aku pandang lelama!” – Zaf  BHAHAHAHAHA!


Dah sampai Akiba!


Tinggi tak tinggi la bangunannya




Welcome to Akihabara

Honestly, we went here without any plans to buy anything because this is so beyond our interest. We were only in awe with the brightly lit buildings, the anime billboards, the shops and ehhh, everything lah! That was before I passed by a street that sells mini figurines. While busy looking at the bright buildings, I came across this one shop that sells figurines, of all sizes! I actually ask Zaf to stop for a while to take pictures because the figurines are so detailed and it’s nice to see something so beautifully crafted with details. And.. I think you can guess what happens next… Yeah, we err.. bought one figurine each. How can we resist such cute thing! It’s only 500¥! *Nasib baik kecik aje benda tu. Lagipun belikan untuk orang lain, bukan diri sendiri haha* That was the first thing we bought here, except for foods. Hahaha, money successfully spent! While we’re busy choosing and fussing over the figurines, a guy came to us and try to initiate a conversation with us. Sorry sir, my Nihongo is rusty and I can only understand the word “kawaii”.

After buying, we walked around looking for interesting things and finally made a stop to this one big electrical department store. They even sell phones here! The main reason for stopping by is because I needed to find a travel adapter because I forgot to bring one. The store has 7 floors and each floor sells different things. Apparently the shopkeeper don’t know what a travel adapter is aiyaaak! Luckily the store has Wi-Fi, and so Zaf showed a picture of it to the shopkeeper. Ohhh, actually the thing was sold on the 5th floor! We’ve been searching at the 1st floor since forever! Gone another 1580¥ for a travel adapter. Meh.

On our way back to the train station, we found the highlight of Akihabara, the Gundam Cafe and AKB48 Cafe! AKB48 is a group of singers with 48 members. The AKB came from Akiba, the originating place of the group, Akihabara. Thank goodness both of us are not a fan or else we’ve gone crazy over the merchandise! We only took pictures here and the grand entrance of Akihabara Station. It’s already 9 pm and it’s time to head home. Both were already so tired from the excessive walking all day long.


Entrance ni betul-betul depan kafe tadi. Oleh kerana banyak sangat entrance/exit, sila perhatikan signboard arah mana nak keluar.


We reached home around 10 pm, settled down (no bath because Zaf forgot how to turn on the heater again, haihhTapi sebenarnya tak berpeluh pun, so tak mandi pun takpe hehe) and finally go to sleep.

Tomorrow is another adventure! See you in Day 3!

For previous post: Japan Trip Day 1

Japan Trip: Day 1



Sorry for the late update. Been busy with chores and whatnots. Lets get started on this ‘journal’, shall we?

Around 2 weeks ago (early February to be precise), I went on a trip to Tokyo, Japan with my schoolmate, Zafirah. It was a rather impromptu plan somewhere mid 2015, but the ‘full blast’ planning was made 2-3 months prior to the take-off date. We’re supposed to fly end January, but due to unavoidable circumstances, we had to change the date to February 1, 2016. Well, it’s actually a good thing because Zaf’s brother is getting married on the 23rd January, so the change of plan literally saved her from her brother’s wrath hahaha! Ohh, and we had to re-route our landing destination to Haneda instead of Narita. Since we’re both students with VERY LIMITED budget (at least I am), we did not spend much on this trip although we did run out of budget a little bit heheh and despite the HUGE luggages we brought, we travel like the locals, minimalist style. Minus the cameras. 😝


Before boarding😉

We flew with AirAsia X and because we booked the tickets during promotion period, we get 50% off for return tickets, which makes it costs around RM750 ±, NOT including in-flight meals. We did order in-flight meals, maximising it with drinks and dessert, costing RM27 each person. Our seats were actually separated by the aisle 😔 but thankfully before taking off, few passengers decided not to board for whatever reasons, so I had 2 empty seats beside me, yeay! Since I have ‘extra’ seats to myself, Zaf moved next to me so that we can have comfortable seating position (takde la selesa mana pun, tapi boleh la kalau nak lunjur kaki haha).

Our flight was at 2.40 pm (local time GMT +8) and we’re scheduled to arrive at Haneda International Airport at 10.30 pm (local time +9). The flight duration was around 7 hours. Since this is AirAsia, no in-flight movies were provided hahaha. Halfway through the flight we’re already so bored because you can’t even sleep (it’s 6pm Malaysian time kot, nak tidur apanya pukul 6!) and to walk around in plane is annoying. Luckily Zaf brought along her MacBook and sooo… we had our own ‘mini cinema’. No worries, the volume’s turned down so we’re basically laughing off by reading the subtitles. By this time, we had our meals delivered already.

max meal

Chicken teriyaki (RM18). Maximise meal (drinks + dessert) = RM27

After what it felt like the longest 7 hours EVER, we finally landed at Haneda International Airport. Fuhhh. 😆


First picture upon landing. Semata nak update kat family.

First thing we did upon arriving was…. searching for Wi-Fi! Hahaha. Duhh, obviously we need to inform our parents we’ve arrived safely. Thing is, it’s a public network thus many people are connected to it, making the connection super slow. 😓 We managed to send a short message of “kitorang dah sampai Tokyo ni!” and that’s it. We took our luggages, went through the immigration (if you arrive in groups, you can check-in together) and…. we’re free to roam around.


Mana beg oiii tak sampai lagiii

Except that, we have one problem: we have to get to Kanamachi (the place we’ll be staying during the trip) before the last train. Thing is, by the time we finish collecting our luggages, going through the super long line of immigration, looking for toilets etc etc, it’s already a little over 11 pm. Of course, I did ask Nisa when is the last train and she said it’s usually at 12 am. Okayyy, that means we still have time. BUT! Since we are heading to Kanamachi, we need to change trains several times (yes, we did our homework on Tokyo’s train lines). Our main concern at that time is: will we be able to make it through all the train lines to Kanamachi before the trains stop operating. Sooo, thinking that we wouldn’t made in on time, we took our own sweet time wondering around the airport with the thought that we HAD to spend our first night in Tokyo AT THE AIRPORT instead of going to the Tourist Information Counter (TIC) which is located just outside the arrival gate. We did went there, not to ask, but to take maps haha. Tsk tsk, so much of a traveller eh?

By the time we made up our minds to ask at the TIC, it’s already 11.15 pm. Uhh, because we’ve Googled the last train while wandering around and enjoying the view. So, we finally asked the person in charge on how to get to Kanamachi (although we have the route planned out in our itinerary, just in case) and whether we’ll make it on time. The officer explained to us that we had to take this and this trains, exchange at this and this stations and finally arriving in Kanamachi. To shorten it, the journey would take around 45-50 minutes, tops! Upon suggestion, we bought the PASMO card for 3000¥ (2500¥ credit, 500¥ deposit) which is sort of like our Touch n Go card. Okay, problem solved!

But, that’s not it. Guess what? The next train is at 11.35 pm and the clock shows that the time now is 11.20 pm. Oh, shoot! We only have FIFTEEN minutes to figure out where the monorail station is located while carrying our luggages around the airport OR we’ll miss the train. Can you imagine what happens next? Yes, we RAN. Luckily the monorail is not that far from the TIC *tapi semput jugaklah kalau dah berlari bawak backpack + camera sambil menolak luggage dan mengelak orang lain* and we managed to get on the train.

 Ohh, there’s a viewing point here located at the station. But since we arrived at night, there’s nothing to view ahahaha.

Fuhhh, within the first hour in Tokyo we’re already running like crazy. Traveller lah sangat! The next thing to do is locating the next exchange station. Guided by the explanation by the officer, we managed to get off at the right station. When we get off at the next station, which is the local line, we’re caught by surprise that the metro station is still full of people. They looked like they just came back from work. Mind you, it’s Monday. Err well, Tuesday since it’s 12 am already. One thing about Japanese people is that: they walk SUPER FAST, they’re practically RUNNING! 🏃You know lah Malaysian, lenggang kangkung and all haha. So, both of us, the lost travellers, were ‘forced’ to run too because we’re afraid that we’d miss the train. We memorised the exchange platform on the train so that we won’t panic seeing the Japanese running haha.

After several train exchanges (which includes running up and down the stairs, tripping over your luggage, getting lost at the platform direction etc) we finally made it to Kanamachi station. Phewww. Since the house we’ll be staying is Zaf’s friend’s house, so she had the direction to the house. Umm, thing is, the direction given ask us to exit at the EAST exit, but we only found signboards stating NORTH and SOUTH exits. So… where is the East exit again? We wanted to ask for directions, but ummm, by the time we arrive, it’s already almost 1 am… so the station was deserted.

While we’re busy figuring out the way and fighting the cold (the metros had heaters in it, so we were warm all the way before we stepped out from the station), an aunty passed by. We tried to ask her the direction, in both English and Nihongo, but maybe our accent is too weird so she didn’t understand our question? So the aunty called the station officer to help us. Speaking in rapid Nihongo, the aunty told the officer that we need to find the address as stated but we don’t know which way to go. The officer even went to show us the map of Kanamachi and showed us the direction we should go. Although we’re a bit confused *macam ayam dengan itik bercakap*, we proceeded anyway. The aunty apologises to us for not helping (she’s not a Japanese, by the way) and all we can say was “Daijoubu” which means “it’s okay” although we are NOT okay at all. We’re lost in a foreign country, the locals doesn’t speak English very well, the night is too cold with expected temperature of 3-4° C, we’re tired from the long flight, we had every right not to feel okay but nahhh, we had to push that aside first until we find the house.

The officer told us to follow the railways, but we can’t figure out where’s the railway becuase it’s already too dark and there’s no one in sight. There are two paths, and we had to choose either one. Apparently we chose the wrong one, so we had to stop at a konbini called Family Mart and connect to the Wi-Fi. Uhh, yeah, their convenient stores had Wi-Fi. So nice, right? If only our 7-Elevens have Wi-Fi too! Once connected, we Googled our way to the house. Well.. the house is actually just 200m from the station. Whaaaaat?!

Since we took the wrong path, we had to turn around back to the station. We head straight and then only we found the aforementioned railway hahaha. It’s for the Kensei-Kanamachi line station. It’s too dark, how are we supposed to see the tracks laaaAiyoyo.

Finally, after too many adventures upon few hours of arrival, we reached the house. The house is on the second floor and we had to carry those heavy luggages up stairs. Phewww. We settled down with our things, cleaned up ourselves for a bit (the water’s too cold that you feel your hands are freezing) and finally dozed off. Well, not really. The coldness is really killing me. Even the socks and jumper did not help. We’ll continue our adventure tomorrow.💤💤💤

To be continued…. wait for Day 2!


Appreciation Post: Zafirah Haron


I don’t really know how to start this, but I wanted to dedicate a post in this blog to a person who played quite a significant role in my life. Had known her for 7 years already (there’s a saying that a friendship more than 7 years is more likely to lasts), ever since 2009. We get to knew each other during choir practices. Truthfully, we had DIFFERENT sets of friends during school, so it’s actually a wonder how we get to be friends in the first place. But then again, being in a boarding school where we practically live in the same place, everyone became your friends, heh.

Seeing that we both have different friends, we weren’t exactly the type of friends that stick together all the time despite living next door to each other. In fact, we only meet during lunch/dinner times (most of the time just passing by saying Hello rather than sitting together) or when we’re on the way to class. The only time we ever talked to each other is as I said before, during choir practices. That is because umm, I was the only technical student to join? And the fact that we lived next door. I guess it was during Form 5 that we actually grew closer in terms of friendship. And it was in the same year that our friendship’s strength was tested. The reason was beyond stupid and unbelievable! But each of us are being such hot-blooded teenagers, we decided that our egos played the role rather than thinking of a way to reconcile. One great thing being in a boarding school is that everyone knew your problems and within seconds (literally, duhhh!) our closest friends were in the action of reconciling us both. Did we cool down? Hell, no! Both being egoistical and it kinda took months for us to reconcile. Funny thing is, I still managed to get her a birthday present despite the fight hahaha! Thank God we’re waaaay past that stage of life and we’re more mature now. Perhaps.

So, I just wanted to say this to you, Zaf. Thank you so so so much for being my friend all these while. I know I wasn’t even in the list of your best of friends, but thank you nevertheless for being there when I needed you. I know sometimes I took up too much of your time when you’re busy as hell, but you never really complained to me that I was bothering you. You still listened to what I had to say. I couldn’t feel more blessed having a wonderful friend like you. You can be quite hot-headed at times, but I think that’s just the way you show you cared. Andddd haha, thank you for still remembering my birthday and putting it up on your calendar! (I couldn’t care less if you get the date from fb/twitter/anywhere, it’s the thought that counts and I am beyond happy that someone does actually remembers it!)

A massive thanks for our recent trip. I honestly wouldn’t have thought I would be travelling outside Malaysia without my parents. A new thrilling experience. If it wasn’t for your impromptu call, I don’t think I would ever be able to see one of the places I’ve always wanted to go. Perhaps during the trip I might have did few things that irritate and annoy the hell outta you, and with that I’m so sorry for whatever I did. I hope it does not weaken our friendship.🙂 Let’s just think it as a way to know each better, shall we? Thank you for bearing with me for 9 solid days, without complaining even once (or at least directly to my face hahaha). I couldn’t thank you enough because there’s so many things I’m grateful for throughout the trip. Just, THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

Be safe, wherever you are. Take good care of yourself, of your heart, of your well being. Best of luck in your future undertakings. Enjoy your life more. I hope that whatever you do, you’ll always be in His protection and blessings.

Once again, thank you Zafirah, for 7 years of a beautiful friendship I could ever ask for.

p/s: 7 pictures for 7 years haha. There’s still a whole bunch of your pictures in my camera😉


Hi. I know it’s been so long since I wrote anything here. I’ve been busy with classes, tests, finals etc etc. Suddenly feeling like writing about betrayal, because a friend of mine is going through it and I on the other hand, had just recently recovered from it.


At some point in life, each and every one of us will experience betrayal. It comes from any person, sometimes the one you least suspected. You see, it’s very easy to predict or deal with betrayal if it comes from your enemies because you already know how much they hate, despised and loathed you. Their actions need no justification of some sort simply because their action is pure hatred. It wouldn’t be right either to call it ‘betrayal’ as they had nothing to lose or gain by betraying you.

That is why betrayal comes from closed ones. They knew all your strengths and weaknesses, and they can use it against you. They did it behind your back (obviously) and getting caught red-handed.

I’ve always wondered, do people (the betrayer to be specific) really not have any feelings towards the person they did it to? I mean, say you’re close friends or has been friends for a long time, did you not have any sympathy towards the person you’re backstabbing? For all you know, your ‘friend’ might have tried very hard to keep the friendship strong and steady. But is this how you pay him/her? By back stabbing them? Do you feel some sort of achievement or satisfaction by doing so? I seriously don’t understand.

I’ve had my own episode of betrayal and it took me 5 months to recover from it. I felt so useless, hopeless and worse of all, depressed because I never thought a person whom I thought would have my back would stab me from behind. It hurts so much! All those promises seemed so fake and useless. I don’t want to go down the memory lane, but it would suffice to say that I’m all better now and living very well.

A piece of advice to anyone dealing with this problem now. I know it’s hard, I know it hurts a lot and you feel that the world is against you. Cliche as it might be, you’ve just got to give yourself some time. Time will heal. I can assure you that much. How long will it take depends on you. The stronger you are, the faster you’ll heal and move on. DO NOT think too much of what had happened, you can’t do anything about it anyway. Focus on what you want to do next, what makes you happy. If eating sweet foods makes you happy, go ahead. You enjoy shopping? Go shopping! Need a quiet place to think? Go in the nature and be with yourself.

The key is to not think about it. Take it this way: that person is already happy with his/her life, why would you torture yourself to be sad and depressed? It’s not worth it at all. Sure, you can cry your heart out or throw a rage, but make sure you pick up yourself and keep fighting for your own happiness. Consult someone whom you can trust, if you needed extra emotional support.

The best revenge for a betrayer is to show that you’re doing well yourself, im fact better than ever! It kills them to see that you’ve finally move on and is leading a happy life. They will regret it.

Remember: be strong, keep your head high and move on. You deserve better. You choose your own happiness.

Happiness :D

There are days we are feeling happy, and there are also days that we feel sad. It’s normal. Totally normal. Yeah, it’s actually a sign that you’re alive and shows that a part of you does have feelings, heheh.

So, what to do when you’re feeling sad, gloomy, depressed, frustrated and whatever feelings that associates with sadness? FOCUS on what makes you HAPPY! Everyone has their own things can instantly boost their moods from sad to happy! All you need to do is find that thing, enjoy it and you’ll realise in no time that you’re feeling better.

Here, let me help you with things that can boost your mood.

1. Smile😀
You might be wondering, how do I smile when I’m actually feeling sad? Funnily enough, smile DOES help you to feel better. There’s this hormone in your body called endorphine that was released when you smile. And hey! Did you know that it is better to smile as it uses less muscles rather than frowning. So, smile! :):):)

2. Have a cuppa tea 🍵☕
A cuppa does help you to calm down and has the soothing effect when you’re feeling down. A nice warm cup of tea, especially chamomile tea has the soothing effect. In case that is not your cup of tea (pardon the puns!), well, perhaps you can choose another type of drink. For example, milk or juice or coffee. It’s up to you, really. So long as it can take off your mind from the reasons of your sadness.


Now, don’t this look soothing? (Image from google)

3. Watch movies
By watching movies, you are actually focusing on the movie rather than your problems. I recommend to you to watch cartoons, as it have lighter storyline and requires less thinking! You won’t even realise how fast the time goes by! It will be refreshing to enjoy a movie as you are resting your mind from thinking unnecessary problems.


For example, Frozen! I knew you’d sing along to the songs!

4. Sleep 😴

I bet this is the easiest way to forget about your problems, at least temporarily. Cry your heart out, finish off the tissues if you have to, and go to sleep. Crying does tire you out, so sleep is the best way to rest your body (and your eyes! 👀) You’ll wake up refreshed and feeling better. Trust me. Well, it’s not exactly what makes you happy, but at least you’ll be able to forget about it momentarily and will feel better after a good sleep.

5. EAT
    I mean, really, who doesn’t LOVE to eat? Eating makes everyone happy! Go out to your favourite restaurant, satisfy your cravings, eat all you want! Eating is really the best way to boost your mood. Have some desserts after a heavy meal. Ice creams, for example! Go and enjoy a fancy dining, to reward yourself for making through the hardships/problems. Treat yourself, sometimes. Or simply hang out with friends to keep yourself a company.

These are some of the ways to boost your moods, or at least this is what I usually do. Hehe. I hoped it helps. Tell me what are the things that boosts your mood!